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Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

Updated: May 16, 2023

Benefits of Drinking Warm Water - SHRO

Water, hot or cold, keeps your body hydrated and healthy.

When opposed to drinking cold water, some people believe that drinking hot water can aid improve digestion, reduce congestion, and even encourage relaxation.

Because there is no scientific research in this area, the majority of the health advantages of hot water are based on anecdotal evidence.

However, many people report that this cure helps them feel better, especially when they use it first thing in the morning or shortly before bed.

The ideal temperature for drinking hot beverages is between 130 and 160°F (54 and 71°C), according to research Trusted Source. Burns or scalds can occur at temperatures higher than this.

Try making lemon water by adding a twist of lemon to hot water for an added health boost and vitamin C.

Here are some benefits of Drinking Warm Water


It's awful to have a stuffy nose. It's one of the most unpleasant aspects of developing a cold. Decongestion may be aided with a cup of hot water. By loosening your sinuses, inhaling steam from the hot water will help clear them. This is a great way to get rid of sinus headaches.


Water aids in the movement of the digestive system. The body is better equipped to remove waste when water travels through the stomach and intestines. Some people feel that drinking hot water helps to activate the digestive system. Hot water, according to the idea, may help dissolve and disperse food that your body is having problems digesting.


Constipation is frequently caused by dehydration. Drinking water is an excellent approach to alleviate and avoid constipation in many instances. Keeping yourself hydrated softens your stool and makes it simpler to pass.

Drinking hot water on a daily basis may help you maintain a regular bowel movement.


While no studies have explicitly linked hot or warm water to detoxification, we do know that water is extremely beneficial to your kidneys.

Water helps your kidneys filter pollutants from your blood so you can urinate them out, according to studies. This is essentially the kidney's job: to maintain your blood as clear of toxins as possible.

Warm water might also cause you to sweat since it raises your body temperature. Sweating may offer health advantages in addition to keeping your body temperature in line, according to some studies. This might involve assisting your body in detoxing.


Yes, drinking hot water is beneficial to your health. However, this is mostly due to the fact that drinking water at any temperature is beneficial to your health. (Well, practically any temperature will suffice.) Please refrain from drinking hot water.)

There is some indication that hot water is more effective than cold water in giving some of these advantages, but there hasn't been much research on the issue.

Dr. Antonio Giordano is the President and Founder of the Sbarro Health Research Organization (SHRO), which conducts research to diagnose, treat and cure cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic illnesses.


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