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Antonio Giordano received the Honorary Achievement Award, an Italy-USA award for research.

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On March 5th, Professor Antonio Giordano received the Honorary Achievement Award at the Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, Florida, from the Italian American Cultural Society of Florida. The award was given in recognition of Professor Giordano's commitment to promoting Italian culture, as well as his internationally recognized scientific achievements in the fields of genetics, cancer cell cycle regulation, and gene therapy.

Receiving this award from Italian Americans, Professor Giordano stated, "is particularly meaningful to me." In his brief but intense acceptance speech, he emphasized the importance of family in Italian culture and the role his parents played in his professional formation. He also traced the key moments in his career, which led him to create a virtual bridge between Italy and the United States through the Sbarro Health Research Organization at the College of Science and Technology at Temple University in Philadelphia and the University of Siena.

Other recipients of past editions of the award include Tony Lo Bianco, actor, and lawyer; Franc D'Ambrosio, Broadway's "Phantom of the Opera" interpreter; John Viola, president of NIAF; Connie Francis, actress; Maria Loris Sachs, Florida State Senator; and Franco Harris, NFL sports legend.

During the evening, actress and singer Deana Martin, daughter of the unforgettable Dean Martin, was also awarded. Three young researchers from the Sbarro Health Research Organization, Temple University - Maria Carmen Ragosta, Francesca Cersosimo, and Reyes Benot Dominguez - were also present, as well as many personalities from the worlds of philanthropy, entertainment, and business, including Andrew Douglas, Rudolph Giuliani, Joseph Katter, Antonella Brancaccio, Paul Finizio, Antoinette Vigilante, Joseph Del Raso, Art Furia, NIAF CEO Robert Carlucci, Robert Allegrini, and many others.

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