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COVID-19 Is On The Rise Again, Discussing The Situation In The United States And Around The Globe

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

In the world, the cases are increasing again, while in America the data on wastewater is analyzed to understand the real situation

COVID-19 Is On The Rise Again, Discussing The Situation In The United States And Around The Globe

After weeks of decreasing trends, new COVID-19 cases are on the rise again in many parts of the World. The virus, after an apparent lull, has reared its head in the countries of the Western Pacific, Africa, and Europe. In the last week, despite a slight decrease in infections and a rather stable trend, concern has returned and, even in America, there is a well-founded fear of a new spread of cases. The Omicron variant proved to be the most infectious in terms of spreading, like measles and chickenpox.

After a significant decrease in cases that had bode well for the end of this Pandemic, the week between 7 and 13 March saw an increase in weekly cases equal to 8% more than the previous week. The highest number of cases were reported from the Republic of Korea, then in Vietnam and, subsequently also in Germany, the Netherlands and France with 20% more than the previous week. The largest number of deaths occurred, however, in the United States followed by the Russian Federation and Brazil. In Europe, the WHO has registered an increase. Twelve European countries including Malta and Monaco reported notable increases in infections but not in deaths.

According to the New York Times, Omicron was present in America even before in South Africa and, recently, the data on wastewater are being analyzed, which are providing valuable information about the real situation of positive cases of Covid-19. With the help of information collected, we will also be able to predict the real course of the virus, since they also provide us with data on asymptomatic and submerged cases. Therefore, not only the swabs can monitor the trend of the epidemiological curve, according to a thesis supported by the Journal of the American Medical Association, but also the surveillance of wastewater.

The vaccination campaign has given the possibility of being able to stem hospitalizations, but with the relaxation of restrictions, what remains important for scientists all over the world is prudence and common sense in maintaining masks and social distancing, until the arrival of the summer.

This blog was first published by Dr. Antonio Giordano in La Voce Di New York, click here to view the original article.

Dr. Antonio Giordano is the Founder & Director of the Sbarro Health Research Organization (SHRO), Temple University, Philadelphia, USA.

If you want to follow more updates from Dr. Antonio Giordano connect with him on his social media channels: (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram)

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