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At The Screening of Cabrini!

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Together with my dear friend, journalist Chris Blackman, I was able to attend the world premiere of an amazing movie, a real masterpiece of hope long desired by businessman Eustace Wolfington, who chose to produce Maria Francesca Cabrini's life and works on the big screen. Her story as a woman and religious icon is intertwined with the powerful phenomenon of Italian immigration to the United States, making her a very relevant example of hope in the world today. The time is now for love to blossom, come to life, and be honest rather than hiding. This is what Maria Francesca Cabrini, the founder of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, noted in her travel journals. Given the era she lived in, her unusual ability to blend religion with modern womanhood makes her life story unique (1850-1917). Invited by Pope Leo XIII to evangelize the Americas, where almost five million Italians emigrated between 1901 and 1913, she was called the "Celestial Patroness of Immigrants" for the support and care she dedicated to this multitude of marginalized and outcast people. She travelled to seven different nations (Italy, France, Spain, Great Britain, various regions of the United States and Central America, Argentina, and Brazil) as a result of her deeds, where she devoted herself to establishing nurseries, schools, asylums, and orphanages while bringing love alive, tangible, and most importantly visible in each of these settings. She died on December 22, 1917, in the Chicago hospital she founded for immigrants, and Pope Pius XII canonized her on July 7, 1946. Thanks to this cinematic production directed by filmmaker Alejandro Monteverde, in which brilliant actors such as Cristiana Dell'Anna, John David Morse, John Lithgow, and Giancarlo Giannini have participated, her story will be known and appreciated by future generations.

Congratulations to the team "Cabrini", the movie is a remarkable achievement in the world of film, and Eustace Wolfington and Cristiana Dell'Anna deserve recognition for their outstanding contributions to the project. The movie is a powerful testament to the life and work of America's first saint, and it is sure to inspire and move audiences for years to come.

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