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"Health is not a luxury but a necessity" Antonio Giordano Sbarro Health Research Organization

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Indisputable as it is that health is not a luxury but a necessity. More than once, probably, an average person tries to install a self-care application on their phone which helps them to maintain their weight, manage their mental stress, somehow make them get over addictions, and improve eating habits and lifestyles.

"Health is not a luxury but a necessity" Antonio Giordano Sbarro Health Research Organization

Let us give you some pointers, a to-do list, to create healthy habits over restrictions

1. Your physique is the expression of your health because health begins from within! When you start working on your health by making changes to your healthy lifestyle, eating habits, etc. it starts reflecting on your outside.

2. Don't try to be perfect but be compassionate to yourself by trying your best honestly. Seek what is expected of you and why have you been assigned to this particular task. The key is to give your 100 % dedication towards it, and it can become your habit in whatever that you are doing or will do in the future.

3. Eliminate the bad with the good, like processed foods with fresh vegetables, alcohol with fresh fruit juices, and smoking with walking, this list can go as long as you want...

4. Read a novel, watch an inspiring movie and write your experiences. It can reduce your stress, and let your brain wander off in imagination! This will not only improve your knowledge but also your analytical thinking skills.

5. Spare at least 5 minutes for meditation for it will not only help you focus your thoughts but also help reduce anxiety, and depression and improve heart health!

Have a happy life!

Dr. Antonio Giordano, Sbarro Health Research Organization, is a leading scientist from Italy and he is part of the Department Of Biology, Temple University - College of Science and Technology.

Reach Dr. Antonio Giordano, Sbarro Institute

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