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The Illness Is A Metaphor For Discomfort And An Undesired Change In Our Lives, And It Should Not Be

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

‘Being oneself’ is the perfect situation because it strikes the right balance between who you are and what you truly desire yourself to be.

But our "self" weakens and the soul becomes ill when we follow paths in life that do not reflect us, either because we are compelled to do so by circumstances, out of a desire to please others, or, more importantly, because of an unconscious need to be accepted. This is because we have diverged from the paths that were dictated by our own personal inclination and attitude and have bent to follow those of others.

A "self-destructive mechanism" is generated when someone's true identity, is betrayed. This mechanism overwhelms more complex aspects of our physical and mental sphere, causing excessive immune system reactions or, conversely, weakening it, making us vulnerable to psychological discomfort and illness. A significant portion of today's drug spending is for psychotropic medications, particularly during the pandemic era, when fear, uncertainty, and restriction on personal freedom undoubtedly played a major role.

However, the need for more frequent use of such medications under strict medical supervision was influenced by isolation, which forced us to confront our choices and limitations as well as, most importantly, generated actual changes in chemical, physical, and immunological features caused by discomfort, a change in one's course in life. Without thoroughly considering the psychological reasons for mental or physical sickness, we are frequently persuaded to believe that salvation, health, "anesthetizing" suffering and obstacles, and resorting to medications, are mutually exclusive.

Research is focused on understanding the patient's personal pain and, more importantly, figuring out the self-destructive mechanisms that, in some situations, can result in tumor pathology. Our "distorted sense of ourselves" exposes us to mental or tumor pathologies more than others living in the same condition, at the same latitude, with the same habits, and in the same more or less polluted environment.

Recent trends suggest that the "ability to go through," resisting the urge to medicate psychological pain, understanding its causes, and living a life "secundum natura" (according to one's "nature), as said by Seneca in ‘de vita beata’, ," rather than forcing one's nature forward directions that are "alien" to it, are the keys to understanding this "fragility."

Following one's inclinations and attitudes, no matter what they may be, in discovering and putting them into practice, lies the "remedium," the remedy for emotional and physical pain, illness, and grief, and this is the very secret of health and of happiness, as well stated by Seneca’s ‘de vita beata’.

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