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In search of the origins of Covid-19 ~ Dr. Antonio Giordano (Sbarro Institute / SHRO)

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

A study published in the authoritative journal Science sheds light on the cause of the virus.

Researchers can reconstruct the origin of viruses by comparing the genetic material of an unknown virus with that of an already-known species. The origin of the Sars-cov 2 virus (COVID-19/coronavirus) was highly controversial: in fact, at first, it was hypothesized that the virus was the result of a "species leap" meaning, from bats to pangolins and that, later, it infected humans.

The possibility of events such as epidemics, born from jumps of species "from animal to man" is plausible. Since the first cases of Sars-Cov 2 virus infection occurred at the Wuhan market, the animal origin seemed to be the more credible, however, in the last two years, the hypothesis of a virus created "ad hoc," and then escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan itself, has begun to make its way.

A very recent study published in Science shows how the first Covid cases of December 2019 were geographically centered around the Wuhan market and that the mammals sold in this market were sensitive to Sars-cov 2 and "spatially" associated with sellers remained infected.

The study defines the question, although the "upstream" hypothesis, linked to the triggering factor, remains "obscure." After months of careful investigations, what emerges is the objective data that is recognized precisely in the link between the sale of live wild animals and the first infections.

However, what is perplexing is that, apart from the seafood market area, in a city like Wuhan of 11 million inhabitants, there could have been many other places frequented such as work areas, shopping areas, cure, university, where a "new" respiratory pathogen could have increased just as quickly.

This detail is essential since clarifying the events at the origin of the Sars-cov 2 Pandemic means reducing the risks of further pandemics and limiting the ways and opportunities for transmission of particularly contagious viruses that are capable of paralyzing social life, damaging economies, producing hundreds of thousands of deaths a day. The study, published in Science, aims to "silence other hypotheses," showing the "connection" between the first infections and the Wuhan market as the "epicenter" of the Covid affair that has upset our lives in the last two years.

The international study and the "credibility" of the journal Science seem to have clarified the story by reconstructing the mapping of the virus, its origin, and its circulation during the last months of 2019 in China, already before December 2019, through spatial analysis and environmental accurate, writing the word "end" to the rant about the origin of the Pandemic. However, there remain some "passages" that will inevitably remain obscure beyond the authoritative publications, the opinions of experts and studies, and the logic itself, which it follows and reconstructs with care and finds evidence to be able to affirm the truths about the mechanisms and secrets of Nature and human nature.

This article was first published by Dr. Antonio Giordano, Founder & Director of Sbarro Health Research Organization (SHRO), in Italian for La Voce Di New York, click here to read.

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