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International Oncology Research Summit in Rome

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

The topic of this course is "The boundary between benign and malignant: from morphology to molecular pathology," and it is being held at the Angelicum Congress Centre in Rome. Professor Antonio Giordano, the director of the Sbarro Institute in Philadelphia, is a participant in the course, which is organized by Professors Pietro Micheli and Luigi Coppola.

The purpose of the course, which is currently in its eleventh edition, is to highlight the ongoing developments in oncology and genetic research that give patients access to increasingly individualized treatments.

The gastrointestinal system, breast pathology, thoracic-pulmonary and mediastinal pathology, head and neck pathology, as well as gynecopathology will be the main topics of the presentations. Numerous young researchers working on focused research topics will be acknowledged among the guests. The organizers are hopeful that the collaboration between new researchers and seasoned pathologists would produce fruitful outcomes.

This report was first published by Il Mattino in Italian, click here to read it.

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