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"Is it better to get immunized by getting Covid-19 or to get vaccinated?" - Dr. Antonio Giordano

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

The new Omicron variant scares the world: the virus runs almost at the same speed as the progress with which science advances.

Despite the protracted lockdowns and restrictions, Covid-19 still remains a young disease, to be studied. Certainly, the steps to defeat it has been taken, but the virus is running almost at the same speed as the progress with which scientific research advances.

What we can say with conviction is that the vaccines against the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, are effective and that, as Israel tells us, the third dose would protect against variants that continue to scare, such as the recent "omicron".

Nonetheless, almost concurrently with the approval of the vaccine even for the little ones, a new orientation has emerged: it is better to immunize by getting sick from Covid-19 than to get vaccinated.

With this in mind, it is important to know that when our body comes into contact with a pathogen for the first time, it must first know it and then fight it, which could cause more or less serious and short or long-term effects.

When we get vaccinated, however, our body is put in a position to know the enemy to fight in a safe way for our health. In various countries of the world, immunization from the virus is evaluated differently: in Israel and in the United Kingdom the vaccine and the infection release the same passe-partout; whereas in the United States, only fully vaccinated Americans are considered immunized.

However, if at the political level, there are differences in the type of immunity, at the scientific level, the experts converge: opting for an infection over-vaccination is never the right move. Hoping to get mildly ill just to get immunization is and remains a risk with more risks: among the various side effects of the infection, there is intensive therapy and death, in addition to the effects of the well-known "long Covid" that occur in some patients.

This blog is translated from Dr. Antonio Giordano's original Italian blog on La Voce Di New York, original Italian blog can be viewed here.

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