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IX edition [Faith and Science Vincenzo De Colibus] International Award

IX edition << Faith and Science Vincenzo De Colibus>> international award

On Tuesday 19 March, in the historic council chamber of the Municipality of Sarno, the prestigious event sponsored by the Municipality of Sarno and organized by the Association of Italian Catholic Commis-medicines of the Campania region, chaired by Professor Mario Ascolese, will take place at 9 am. The award is dedicated to Doctor Vincenzo De Colibus, beloved president of the Amci section of the Nocera-Sarno diocese and tireless man of faith and science, pioneer of endoscopic gastroenterology. He holds the distinction of having created the digestive endoscopy service at Villa Malta hospital in Sarno.

The Faith and Science Vincenzo De Colibus award depicts Pegasus because it represents the strength of science that hovers on the wings of faith. This prestigious award will be awarded to Professor Antonio Giordano, director of the Sbarro Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine and Center for Biotechnology in the College of Science and Technology of Temple University in Philadelphia. Instead, the young Maria Cuomo, a PhD student of molecular biology in Medical Biotechnology at University of Siena, will obtain the scholarship offered by the Association of Italian Catholic Doctors in the Campania region. The scholarship is dedicated to young researchers deserving for their studies and research: in fact, Cuomo currently works at the Sbarro health research organization at Temple University in Philadelphia and is present in Professor Giordano's research group. For the occasion, Maria Cuomo will connect via video call from Philadelphia to offer her greetings to those present.

The main theme of the event is environmental pollution in the land of fires and at the same time the onset of tumors in the subjects who live there. Professor Giordano, author of 700 scientific publication, talks about it with his lectio magistralis Geni, environment and cancer: in the land of fires and poisons." Recent studies carried out by the group of Professor Giordano of the Sbarro Institute, in which Maria Cuomo is also present, in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute of Naples Pascale Foundation, coordinated by Professor Luigi Alfano, have demonstrated that in people suffering from cancer the expression Cdk9 is altered, therefore its absence guarantees greater sensitivity to cancerous cells to chemotherapy treatments, thus adding an important new element in the fight against cancer.

The recognition by the entire international community towards Professor Giordano for the high professionalism of his work declares Ascolese - is a sincere attestation of esteem and respect for a professional who puts his work at the service of the faith, strongly supporting and clarity of one's convictions as a scientist and believer." The lectio magistralis will be preceded by the greetings of Professor Mario Ascolese, by the institutional greetings of the lawyer Eutilia Viscardi, acting mayor of the Municipality of Sarno, who actively collaborated for the realization of the event, then followed by the institutional greetings of Professor Annamaria Della Porta , councilor with responsibility for events and shows of the Municipality of Sarno, and finally the journalist Salvatore Campitiello, president of Assostampa Valle del Sarno, councilor and treasurer of the order of journalists of Campania, will offer his greetings.

The event will be moderated by the Viridiana journalist Myriam Salerno, press officer of the Association of Italian Catholic Doctors of the Campania region. The patronage linked to the award is prestigious, the Shro is located within the Temple University of Philadelphia, it belongs to this university for research to combat cancer, the Order of Doctors and Dentists of Salerno, the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine directed by Professor Alessandro Miani, the Euro-Mediterranean Biomedical Scientific Institute directed by Professor Alessandro Dtante who has trained many researchers, the UniSi of Siena, the UniSa of Salerno, the Accademia Tiberina Lucana section directed by Professor Nicola Pascale, the Salerno medical school studies directed by Professor Giovanni Canora, the Pro Loco of Sarno and, for the occasion, the president Vincenzo Cerrato, will deliver 2 plaques to the scholarship holder and the prize winner respectively.

Thanks to the sponsors: TinSider, the FD Designer who has always been close to the promotion of cultural events. The well-known pastry shop Pepe master confectioner will delight the palates of those present with its characteristic zeppole of San Giuseppe, as March 19th is the day dedicated to the father of Jesus.

Professor Antonio Giordano, M.D., Ph.D., is the creator and head of the Sbarro Health Research Organization, located at Temple University's College of Science and Technology in Philadelphia. Stay connected with him through his various social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, to receive the latest updates.


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