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Meeting with Carlo Nordio in New York ~ Antonio Giordano (Sbarro Institute)

In the photo is Carlo Nordio (Ministero della Giustizia) the minister of justice of the Italian republic with Professor Antonio Giordano of the Sbarro Health Research Organization / Sbarro Institute at Temple University.
Carlo Nordio (Minister of Justice of the Italian Republic) with Antonio Giordano, MD, PhD, Sbarro Institute (SHRO)

It was a pleasure meeting and listening to the Italian Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio at Italian Cultural Institute of New York

I was one of the attendees to his lecture on "Contrasting anti-Semitism and racism in Italian justice", during which he gave a presentation on Italy's legal system for addressing racism and anti-Semitism. The meeting emphasized Italy's continuous efforts to end discrimination and provided an overview of the legal advancements towards that.

I presented to the Ministero della Giustizia (Minister of Justice) my books "Monnezza di stato: Le terre dei fuochi nell’Italia dei veleni” and “Humanoma” written by Director Carlo Fumo discussing my and my Father's, professor Giovan Giacomo Giordano, work against the toxic waste disaster in the Campania region that led to a health crisis among the vast population of the region.


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