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Post-Covid Effects: The Invisible Enemy of Memory and Cognitive Skills

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

According to recent studies, all those who recovered showed up to 9 months later a significant reduction in the ability to apply themselves to a challenging task.

Sars-Cov2, despite being a respiratory pathogen, produces negative effects on memory even 8 months after recovery. These disorders, known as Long Covid symptoms or post-covid syndrome, also affect the nervous system, as found in recent studies on samples of healed patients, including asymptomatic ones, and those who have contracted a mild form of the disease.

Researchers from the University of Oslo, Norway, in a publication last July, found a symptom attributable to Covid 19 which consists of a symptom that involves memory and which can persist for 8-9 months after infection.

Recently in Oxford, British researchers found that one in ten recovered patients had at least one moderate to severe symptom affecting the nervous system and memory in the "post covid" affective, confirming in fact the previous studies, extending the range of action of the damage also to brain areas that experience cognitive difficulty, including memory problems, but "extending them" to a reduced ability to concentrate and speed of processing of the concept.

The analysis, published by Jama Network Open, involved 13 thousand people, of which 651 with a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19, 41% reported a significant worsening of memory, and 11% compared to the year prior to the infection. of the volunteers reported cognitive, language, and nervous system problems and overall fatigue with deterioration of overall health in the post-infection period.

Collected blood samples from 2,149 employees of the Danderyd Hospital, of which 19% had antibodies from Sars-Cov2, the Community study, with the aim of examining immunity after Covid 19, in fact, found the same cognitive impairments as previous studies of Oslo, through the blood sampling and through the compilation of a questionnaire, which the volunteers were subjected to. All the recovered complained of impaired concentration and memory, in the following period and in the following 8/9 months from the infection.

A further follow-up will take place in May, trying to analyze samples of people "vaccinated" and cured of Covid 19, to assess whether the vaccine has helped them in limiting the negative effects caused by Long Covid syndrome, regarding fatigue, problems cardiac, with frequent arrhythmias and extrasystoles, possible residual lung damage and especially from cognitive and memory disorders. The goal of future studies will be a "detailed examination" of memory damage, and the specific type of damage, whether it is related to sensory memory or short- and long-term memory.

After the negative outcome of the molecular or antigenic swab, one must therefore expect to have to deal with insomnia, headaches, brain fog, difficulties in finding the word in daily speech, and in regaining physical and mental form.

In recent days, further London research by King's College London published in Lancet Infectious Disease reports that the double dose vaccination "halves" the risk of incurring long covid symptoms. These disorders related to the Omicron variant in vaccinated subjects, in any case, tend to disappear within 6 months.

Knowing these ailments has led us not to underestimate their scientific reach and impact in everyday life, considering the Sars-Cov 2 virus, an "invisible enemy" not only from the point of view of aggression to the respiratory system but also from a neurological and psychological point of view, given the symptoms found in the long covid and the frequent "states of anxiety", deriving from the onset of problems affecting the nervous system immediately after thinking of having finally closed the game with a negative swab.

This blog is translated from Dr. Antonio Giordano's original Italian blog on La Voce Di New York, original Italian blog can be viewed here.

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