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Professor Antonio Giordano discussed 'Computational Oncology, AI and VR' at NEXT ONCOLOGY event

NEXT ONCOLOGY event, which is focused on technological innovation in oncology, is scheduled to be hosted at Hotel Enteprise in Milan from October 9th to 10th, 2023. The event will host a pantheon of distinguished professionals, including doctors, biologists, scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and many more from various domains. Among the experts is Professor Antonio Giordano.

Watch Prof Antonio Giordano introducing the session 'Computational Oncology, AI and VR', below.

The NEXT ONCOLOGY conference exemplifies a multidisciplinary approach by bringing together many sectors to investigate novel therapeutics, the role of technology in accurate diagnosis, and ethical issues surrounding treatment accessibility. This gathering promotes a collaborative environment to talk about the practical and ethical aspects of oncological breakthroughs amid a major global emphasis on cancer R&D, as evidenced by a $21.5 billion expenditure in 2021.

Want to find more details? Check out this brochure:

Download PDF • 2.38MB

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