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SHRO: 400,000 euros collected for cancer research

SHRO: 400,000 euros collected for cancer research - Antonio Giordano

Over 350 attendances, around 200 thousand euros in funds (to which Shro will match with 200 thousand euros) for financing research against oncological pathologies and scholarships for young Italian graduates. This is the result of the Research Gala, an annual event organized by the Sbarro Health Research Organization (Shro), a center of excellence in cancer research with its first headquarters in Philadelphia, in the United States of America, and which will now open in Italy. As in 2022, the second edition of this long-awaited event took place in the magic setting of Le Axidie Resort in Marina Equa in Vico Equense.

Various personalities and institutional figures attended. The Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci, the Undersecretary of State for relations with Parliament Pina Castiello, the deputy and former National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor Federico Cafiero de Raho, Senator Francesco Silvestro, the Consul General of the United States of America in Naples Tracy Roberts-Pounds, the former undersecretary of state at the Ministry of Health in the Draghi government Pierpaolo Sileri, the rector of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University Enrico Gherlone, the magistrate Catello Maresca, the lawyer Giovanni Siniscalchi, the CEO of Petrone Group Massimo Petrone, the oncologist Pino Petrella, the president of the Piccola Industria Group of Unione industriali Napoli Guido Bourelly, the CEO of Hbw and president of the Piedmontese technological pole Antonio Graziano.

More than 30 companies from various sectors have chosen to support the initiative (attached poster with list).

The actress Cristina Dell'Anna was the godmother of the evening hosted by Leonardo Metalli, journalist of Tg1. The artistic performances of the ACSI Ballet (with the artistic direction of Dino Carano) and of Maestro Cristian Ricci, Tenor were much appreciated. The event was made possible thanks to the decisive contribution of Ble&Associates, the Shro event agency.

Minister Orazio Schillaci was particularly happy with the purpose of the meeting: This is an important event dedicated to research and oncology. I think it is essential to invest in research, from which new therapies are continuously arising for treatment of oncological pathologies which today are, in fact, often curable. It is important to have companies alongside State. Those who do charity in this sector are welcome. I want to say that we also intend to approve shortly a law on cancer eradication, to ensure that 3 and a half million Italian citizens can finally have a better life after defeating cancer. The Ministry of Health is also focusing on digitalization to make quality medicine accessible to more people and to overcome the many differences that still exist between small towns and large cities".

Pierpaolo Sileri also underlined the importance of the link between companies and research: "An evening of commitment that turns the spotlight on research, on the cooperation between companies and research, between civil society and those who work in this field. Research is solidarity and hope for a cure for patients with neoplastic diseases. Even more important is the fact that this takes place at a time when we are witnessing an increase in neoplastic pathologies but also an increase in healed patients”.

The real protagonist of the Research Gala was its organizer, the president of Shro Antonio Giordano :The big news this year is that Shro will finally have its headquarters in Italy and this means even greater attention to the world of research and the support of the brilliant minds of our country. Sbarro is an organization that has been funding scientific work for more than 30 years, a decisive result for research against oncological pathologies.

The organizational soul of the Research Gala and promoter of Sbarro Italia, the vice president Giancarlo Arra : To the 200 thousand euros raised during the evening we add another 200 thousand euros to ensure that research and scholarships have significant funding again this year. The opening of our offices on the national territory is an important step allowing us to increase the number of activities during the year, support the State in this sector important for the health of citizens and create new jobs, counteracting the long-standing phenomenon of brain drain. And that's not all: our goal is also to bring back the brilliant minds who have been forced to emigrate, returning to our country a wealth of professionals.

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