TERRA DEI FUOCHI (the land of the fire), the Campania leadership in denial again, says Dr. Giordano

During the interview for TGR Leonardo, Professor Antonio Giordano pointed attention to the relationship between environmental pollution and human health by saying, “We have shown that there are serious diseases afflicting communities in polluted territories. We know that in those areas, populations, although apparently healthy, are susceptible to developing a series of diseases, including cancer. It is, therefore, necessary to monitor the transformation affecting the DNA of these communities for preventing such diseases."

Dr. Giordano adds, "we started a collaboration with Professor Basile of the Faculty of Biology in Naples, and we correlated the biological data of men and mosses, founding the same level of heavy metals. We are also developing the idea of using mosses and animal species as “environmental sentinels.”

South Italy is poisoned by industrial pollution and illegal waste disposal. Thus, in 2020 a public health and oncological project were created on by the Ministries of the Environment and Health, and Professor Antonio Giordano serves as a Collaborator on this project. He further states, "political intervention is needed and PNRR funds directed to the indicators that we have written."

Professor Giordano reiterates, “there is a political leadership that denies the existence of the land of the fires, “terra di fuochi”, despite strong indications from the judiciary system. The situation is very serious for those people who suffer and will suffer again if there is no change in conscience.”

Professor Antonio Giordano's full interview is here: https://www.rainews.it/tgr/rubriche/leonardo

The above reportage is English translation of Sud Reporter: Link

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