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Tragic epidemiological data “Pollution is lethal here” ~ Dr Antonio Giordano

Tragic epidemiological data “Pollution is lethal here” ~ Dr Antonio Giordano

Antonio Giordano raises a new alarm The Italian-American scientist theorized about "punctured DNA"

From the map of the polluted city to the latest data on smog from Legambiente: Naples and the province they are experiencing an environmental emergency that is also a health emergency. “The epidemiological data in September 2023 are tragic.” To say it is Professor Antonio Giordano, president of the Sbarro Institute in Philadelphia and full professor of Pathological Anatomy at the University of Siena. Between 2020 and 2022 participated to the drafting of the Pnrr on the health relationship and environment and is a scientific reference for the committees environmentalists.

Professor, in Naples and in his own province the pollution map is a constant emergency: what are the risks for the population?

“Citizens of Campania have lived for years in areas characterized by excessive pollution. In the provinces in Naples and Caserta people get sick more than in past years. The emergency is not justified - as has also been said - by poverty and incorrect lifestyles, but mainly from a sick environment and poor relationship management quality of the environment and development of chronic pathologies. Years of complaints are not managed to stem the phenomenon. Waste production has doubled by the same amount I pass with that of plastic as well as they also increased, proportionally, endocrine disorders, infertility, cancer”.

In 2011 with her studies she spoke for first of “laundry DNA” for citizens Campania regarding the Land of the fires: at a distance of almost 15 years what updates have there been on tumor incidence rates?

“The recorded epidemiological data they are tragic. In September 2023, the ASL tumor registry North Naples 2 ha recorded an excess mortality for cancer (data relating to 2018). Lung, breast, bladder, colon rectum, thyroid these are just some of the neoplastic pathologies registered in excess in the Land of the Fires. Approximately 1.8 million citizens of Campania suffer daily insults from environmental pollution."

Citizens are asking for cleanups and screening to find out about the pathogenic effects in the organism, yet there are still those denies a link between environmental pollution and some pathologies.

“Environmental criticality, in fact, calls to us to intervene with reclamation and certainly not with the creation of new plants. In these areas, no new studies are needed anymore, action must be taken to protect public health. We need data transparency and efficiency industrial waste traceability systems. We are already late. Identify the connection It's difficult, of course, but denying it is a crime."

You were promptly hooked in these years for having been a leading scientific reference of the environmentalist committees, he did and won many complaints: what are the institutional responsibilities?

“We need to monitor these areas, clean them up, educate the population to implement better lifestyles and increase screening and prevention programs. Not yes can hide the environmental disaster that you live in Campania".

What do you think of healthcare in Campania, considered by many researchers to be the worse than the South, with patients fleeing to the North and first place for "avoidable mortality of men and women"?

“Campania has the lowest life expectancy; it is a sadly region known for avoidable mortality. Unfortunately, - this happens not only because you live in heavily polluted and contaminated lands, but also because there are difficulties in accessing hospitals. They are hospitals characterized by excellent but limited healthcare staff. The healthcare system of Campania is on its knees, there is an urgent matter urgent need to implement the structures with additional specialized professionals".

Professor Antonio Giordano, M.D., Ph.D., is the creator and head of the Sbarro Health Research Organization, located at Temple University's College of Science and Technology in Philadelphia. Stay connected with him through his various social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, to receive the latest updates.


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