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What is a "Cell Phone Elbow"?

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

It's an interesting story and worth sharing so we are sharing this today. Have you ever heard of "cell phone elbow"? No? Ok, before you consult with Dr. Google let us explain.

Did you know that the average person who uses a smartphone spends approximately 4 hours daily on their phone? And why not, for a smartphone is loaded with all the necessary multimedia functions on a single device of the size of a mere palm that can be used to connect, learn new skills and increase knowledge, read news, and browse through all the things you like, and the list goes on and on.

People use their smartphones almost anywhere - whether they are standing in a long queue or while sleeping. Many research reports today state that more than 70% of people use their smartphones in the lavatories. Many of these reports also suggest that more than 50% of people feel unsafe when they leave their smartphones at home.

But that's not the point we wanted to discuss; we wanted to talk about what's "Cell Phone Elbow?" There's another name for it and that is Computer Elbow; it is the same condition as tennis elbow occurring very often to the majority of people today for the smartphone device is an important tool in our daily life. If your night-time ritual includes holding your phone to your face and scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or watching dozens of YouTube videos, you might discover your arm hurts the next day.

In medical words, the pain is known as "cell phone elbow," ulnar nerve entrapment, or cubital tunnel syndrome. Simply put, hours of holding a phone with an arm flexed put a lot of strain on the ulnar nerve. This stress can stretch and constrict the nerve, lowering blood flow and impairing function.

Dr. Antonio Giordano was feeling an ache at his left lateral elbow for a few months. Dr. Giordano, just like how a normal smartphone user acts, straight away started to research the same over the internet, he went through many blogs, articles, and videos about the same but none of the information was clear.

He decided to finally consult the expert in the field and he met Dr. Joel Gyimesi, Owner of Movement Medicine Chiropractic + Performance + Recovery of Philadelphia. Dr. Gyimesi then stated that Dr. Antonio Giordano had been spending too much time on his phone for his work and that must have been the reason for this pain. A self-care program was worked out for Dr. Giordano to recover from this pain.

So when we asked Dr. Joel Gyimesi to write us a small write-up for this incident he came up with an accurate reply for this story, he wrote "Dr. Antonio Giordano had been suffering from left lateral elbow ache for a few months, which started when he spent too much time on his phone for work.

After consulting with Dr. Google and his physical therapist Dr. Youtube, Dr. Giordano became frustrated with the mixed outcomes for a few months and sought to resolve the problem by meeting an expert. Dr. Joel Gyimesi, Owner of Movement Medicine Chiropractic + Performance + Recovery of Philadelphia, was contacted to obtain a fresh perspective on his problem and to design a game plan that would help him achieve his objectives. Dr. Gyimesi was able to create a self-care program that Dr. Antonio Giordano can use after taking the time to learn about his story."

To conclude we would like to thank Dr. Internet, Dr. Google, Dr. Facebok, Dr. Instagram, and Dr. Twitter for being there and helping us share this interesting story with everyone who uses a smartphone device. Also, while using smartphones extensively be aware of the "Cell Phone Elbow"! - Sbarro Health Research Organization Social Media Team :)

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