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XXII Edition Of Pietrelcina International Awards - il Premio Padre Pio

Yesterday Matteo Piantedosi, the Italian Minister of the Interior, alongside Psycotherapist Giovanni Ippolito were awarded at the XXII edition of Pietrelcina International Awards - il Premio Padre Pio.

The theme of 22nd edition of these award was - 'Disability is a wealth for all', highlighting the importance, contributions and significance of embracing and recognizing individuals with disabilities.

I was honored to be part of the medical commission in charge of the award winner's evaluation. Participating in these awards is always a privilege considering the themes of welcome and solidarity towards the most vulnerable and suffering people of our society.

I also got to meet with Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi and discussed with him some of our ongoing and recent scientific research activities in cancer research. Minister Piantedosi showed interest in visiting our research lab in Philadelphia and I am positively looking forward to it!

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